About SPRG

The mission of the University of Toronto Social-Personality Research Group is to further the understanding of phenomena, theories, and methods in social and personality psychology through research, discussion, and graduate student training. While numerous students and faculty from the Social-Personality-Abnormal area are members of SPRG, membership is open to interested social and personality psychologists throughout the UofT community. The primary functions of the group are:

  1. To disseminate new findings in social and personality psychology through a weekly speaker series comprised of visiting scholars, current graduate students and post-docs, and current faculty.
  2. To provide opportunities for graduate and post-doctoral students in the SPA area to present their work and obtain critical feedback from faculty and peers throughout the research process.
  3. To provide opportunities to hold discussions/share information on critical issues in the field (e.g., statistical/methodological advances, ethical issues, funding strategies, career development).