Congrats to Max Barranti for winning the GEF Research Impact Award for one of this latest papers on morality!

Read his paper here! http://skiplab.org/files/117890741.pdf


Hause Lin (PhD1) wins Poster Award!

Hause Lin, a first year PhD student, has been awarded the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society Poster Award for his work with Michael Inzlicht, Cendri Hutcherson, and Blair Saunders. He will be presenting his poster, “Decision-conflict in the temporal discounting task: Midfrontal theta and pupil dilation track subjective conflict in value-based decisions” at the society’s […]


Elizabeth Page-Gould Awarded Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize!!!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Page-Gould and Cara McInnes for their awesome new paper, “How Can Intergroup Interaction Be Bad If Intergroup Contact Is Good? Exploring and Reconciling an Apparent Paradox in the Science of Intergroup Relations,” which was awarded the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize! Click below for the full paper! http://m.pps.sagepub.com/content/10/3/307.full.pdf


Nick Hobson wins APA Dissertation Award

Nick Hobson, a fourth year PhD student working with Michael Inzlicht, was recently awarded the APA Dissertation Research Award for his outstanding doctoral research. The award will help Nick in completing his dissertation work, which examines the psychology of rituals.


Erika Carlson wins SPSP’s Sage Young Scholar Award


Zoë Francis wins SPSP Outstanding Research Award!

Zoë Francis’s, PhD3, research submitted to SPSP2017, titled “Perceiving mental fatigue others,” has just won the SPSP Outstanding Research Award. In the reviews of her work, the review panel commended Zoë’s work as “highly impressive”, especially noting that her studies were high-powered, confirmatory, with some studies that were pre-registered. Congratulations Zoë!


Yoel Inbar in PNAS…twice!

Dr. Yoel Inbar, Assistant Professor of Psychology at UofT Scarborough, has recently published 2 papers in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). In the first, published as a commentary, Dr. Inbar suggests that a previously uncovered association between context sensitivity and reproducibility might, in fact, be spurious. In the second paper, as […]

emily 2014

Emily Impett elected fellow of SPSP

bonnie and sam

Two IARR Conference Award Winners

At the International Association of Relationship Research conference held last week in Toronto, two U of T graduate students received highly prestigious awards. First, Bonnie Le received the Steve Duck New Scholar Award as the organization’s most promising graduate student. Second, Samantha Joel received the IARR Dissertation Award recognizing her dissertation (Romantic Relationship Decisions: Focusing […]

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Congratulations to six SPRG members on their new faculty positions

We would all like to offer our congratulations to the six SPRG post-docs/former graduate students who have been offered assistant professorship positions starting in the Summer or Fall of 2016.  We are sad to see you go, but extremely proud of your successes! Amy Muise will be leaving the Relationships and Well-Being (RAW) Lab to join York […]


Brett Ford to join UofT faculty and SPRG

Brett Ford, currently a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, has recently accepted our faculty offer and will be joining the department of psychology at the University of Toronto Scarborough in July 2016. Brett, who is an affective scientist, conducts research that centers on two inter-related questions. First, what do people believe about emotions? […]


YUTSPA Update and Congratulations to Sabrina Thai

Yesterday was the annual York and University of Toronto Social Personality Area (YUTSPA) Conference, this year hosted by York University.  Thank you to all of the conference organizers for putting on a wonderful day, and thank you to all of the presenters from both York and U of T! SPRG also uses YUTSPA as an opportunity […]