Postdoctoral Fellows

This section features University of Toronto postdoctoral fellows who are a part of the SPRG community. Click on a post-doc’s name to see an expanded description of his or her research interests and contact information.

Dr. Anik Debrot

Photo of Dr. Anik Debrot
Research Interests

I am a postdoctoral fellow funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, working at Emily Impett’s Relationships and Well-Being Lab.

My research focuses on the daily gestures within couples that contribute to their individual and interpersonal wellbeing, both in the moment when they occur and over the long term. My work has particularly focused on the role of touch in enhancing the momentary mood of the partners. I have used both daily diary and experimental methods to better understand the mechanisms by which touch can facilitate functional interpersonal emotion regulation.

I am currently expanding my work on touch into the domain of sexuality by investigating how touch can contribute to a more fulfilling sexual life in long-term relationships.

Dr. Miranda Giacomin

Photo of Dr. Miranda Giacomin
Address 100 St. George Street Department of Psychology Toronto ON M5S 353 CanadaWebsite:
Research Interests

I am a Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellow working with Dr. Nicholas Rule. My research focuses on the cognitive processes that underlie how narcissism develops, how it is expressed, and how it shapes interpersonal relationships. Whereas most past research has investigated narcissists’ tendency to be grandiose, self-focused, and vain as a stable part of who they are, I examine how situations can influence people’s narcissistic tendencies. My research suggests that people’s narcissistic tendencies can vary from moment-to-moment or across contexts. In addition, I examine how people’s narcissism influences first impressions and the success of interpersonal relationships over time. In my postdoctoral research, I am exploring the cues people may use when forming their first impressions of narcissists (e.g., attractiveness, facial features) to get a better sense of where people err versus succeed in correctly identifying someone’s narcissistic tendencies.

Dr. Bonnie Le

Photo of Dr. Bonnie Le
Research Interests

Bonnie’s research focuses on how helping others affects personal well-being . She also studies what promotes higher quality relationships between parents and their children, romantic partners, and cross-race individuals by examining processes such as emotions, goals, and autonomic physiological responses.

Dr. Ian Roberts

Photo of Dr. Ian Roberts
Research Interests

I am a postdoc working with Dr. Cendri Hutcherson. My research focuses on the role of affect and emotion in the decisions that people make. In some of this work, I also examine how the situational context can shape the effect that a drug has on behavior.

Dr. Shelbie L. Sutherland

Photo of Dr. Shelbie L. Sutherland
Research Interests

I am a postdoctoral fellow broadly interested in the cognitive systems that help people to manage the complexities of the world. In Dr. Nick Rule’s SPCL lab, I focus on mechanisms that support reasoning about social groups. My work is motivated by the need to inform more effective interventions against the negative consequences of reasoning at the level of social categories–namely, stereotyping and prejudice. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, working with Dr. Andrei Cimpian. There, she focused on the development of how people reason about categories and how people come to explain their experiences quickly and easily.

Dr. Akina Umemoto