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Dr. Daniel Re

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Address Daniel Re Department of Psychology, University of Toronto, Sidney Smith Hall 100 St. George Street Toronto ON M5S 3G3 CanadaPhone: 647-973-7365Website:Dan's website
Research Interests

I am a SSHRC-funded postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Nicholas Rule in the Social Perception and Cognition Lab. My research focusesĀ on how facial appearance influences human social interaction. Specifically, my recent work has assessed how facial characteristics alter perception of leadership ability. Studies done in this area have found that facial appearance influences leader selection and is linked to actual leadership aptitude and performance. I examine the perceptual and physical facial dimensions associated with leadership choice and examine how these domains relate to real-world leadership proficiency.

Another line of research I conduct examines how facial characteristics related to body size influence perception of health and attractiveness. Face shape correlates of body weight are reliable indices of body mass index (BMI) and have consistent effects of perceived health and attractiveness in both two- and three-dimensional faces. My recent research in this area investigates perceptual thresholds to facial adiposity (the facial cue linked to BMI), including the just-noticeable differences in body mass index that produces measurable changes in the appearance of health and attractiveness.